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Genelec 8030.LSE PowerPAK

Genelec’s 8030.LSE PowerPak ($5,400) is a multichannel monitoring system designed for post-production suites and recording studios with control rooms measuring up to 3,000 cubic feet (WxHxD). The system comprises five Genelec 8030A two-way, bi-amplified active monitors, the new Genelec 7060B LSE Series active subwoofer and a Genelec Acousti/Tape frequency/wavelength measuring tape. In addition, a Genelec 8030.LSE PowerPak setup guide is included for accurate speaker placement, wiring and fine-tuning.

The new 7060B LSE active subwoofer uses Genelec’s proprietary Laminar Spiral Enclosure (LSE) technology. The LSE 7060B is a bass-reflex cabinet made of a sheet metal rolled into a spiral shape and clamped between thick MDF side panels. This construction technique provides excellent laminar flow characteristics with minimal turbulence noise and enables optimal packing of a very long reflex tube into a small space.

The LSE 7060B features a 10-inch proprietary driver mounted within the bass-reflex cabinet yielding a bass monitoring tool for 6.1- or 5.1-channel surround sound or traditional stereo systems. With its 19Hz (-3dB) lower cut-off frequency, high sound pressure output capability and versatile systems for bass management, it can be adapted to many low-frequency monitoring situations.

The 120-watt power amplifier unit integrated into the cabinet contains active crossover filters, driver overload¬protection circuits and power amplifiers. The built-in bass management unit has six signal input and output channels (L/C/R front and L/C/R rear), summed signal output connectors and an LFE input equipped with a selectable 85/120Hz lowpass filter and 0/+10dB LFE sensitivity switch.

Also included with each 8030A monitor is the Genelec Iso-Pod (Isolation Positioner/Decoupler). The Iso-Pod is a mounting stand that allows for monitoring in either vertical or horizontal orientation.

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