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Gepco Adds New York Branch, Revises HD Co-ax Testing

Gepco International, an industry leader in the manufacturing of professional audio and video cables, has added a New York branch to better serve its customers in the Northeast region.

The 5,000-square-foot space located in Chestnut Ridge, New York—about 30 miles north of Manhattan—will stock all of Gepco’s current cabling and connectivity solutions, as well as its distributed lines. In addition to being able to fulfill and ship orders throughout the Northeast, the facility will offer a “will call” area for customers looking to pick up materials on-site. The New York branch is opening for business in May 2007.

“With New York being an entertainment and broadcast hub, we felt it was critical for Gepco to have a presence there,” said Gepco founder and CEO/CTO Gary Geppert. “Customer service is a top priority for Gepco and we feel this new location will help us better serve our clients in the area and facilitate development of new business relationships.”

Gepco also announced that as of March 2007, all of its HD coaxial cables—from the miniature co-ax to its full-size models, including the industry standard VSD2001 and VPM2000—are being swept test to 4.5 GHz. The change is in preparation for future digital video standards such as SMPTE-424M. Under this proposed standard, co-ax interconnects would require 4.5 GHz of bandwidth for the transmission of 3Gbs 1080p HD digital video. Sweep testing to 4.5 GHz will ensure that all of Gepco’s HD cables are compatible with future standards.

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