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Gepco International CTS4504HDX

Gepco International introduced the CTS4504HDX, a 4-channel, heavy-duty Cat-5 snake at NAB 2007. The CTS4504HDX is a solution for situations that require multiple or redundant channels of Cat-5 cables in remote production or staging applications.

The CTS4504HDX comprises four elements of Gepco’s CT504HDX heavy-duty, four-pair Cat-5 UTP cables under an overall jacket. Each element features 24-gauge, solid copper conductors and a unique inner belt that preserves the critical pair spacing and geometry. For added strength and diameter, each four-pair UTP element has a second TPE jacket that is color-coded for easy identification. The outer jacket is also constructed from a rugged TPE compound for exceptional durability and flexibility in hostile environments.

Each Cat-5 four-pair UTP element can be terminated with either standard Cat-5 RJ45 connectors or Neutrik EtherCon connectors.

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