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Gighouse Recording Studios Installs Prism Sound Converters

Engineer and producer Andie Thomson (pictured) installed three Prism Sound ADA-8 converters and a DA-2 converter in his Gighouse Recording Studio complex in Warwickshire, UK. Thomson is using the converters with MOTU Digital Performer 5. Thomson also invested in Prism Sound’s new FireWire I/O Module.

“I was contacted by Prism Sound and it became apparent that they had a solution to my problem in the shape of an ADA-8 with FireWire option,” Thomson explains. “I [tested] the units and was very impressed with the quality of the audio. The midrange and low midrange is much more detailed, which allows vocals and midrange instruments to be very clearly defined. There’s also a real warmth to the sound, which is something I’ve wanted for a very long time.”

Thomson adds that blind comparison tests carried out on visiting artists and engineers reinforced his decision to buy the units. “The most crucial component in the digital recording environment is high-quality A/D conversion,” he adds. “Everyone who has heard the new units has preferred them, and they are now used as standard on all digital sound sources, including mixdown, remixing and mastering. They are particularly good for mastering applications, which I tend to do in the analog domain, because they don’t color the sound or compromise the original recording.”

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