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Godlywood Studios Installs First Harman Studer Vista 1 Digital Mixing Console in India

Brahma Kumaris World Renewal Spiritual Trust (BKWSO) has recently constructed Godlywood Studios in its Shantivan Complex at its international headquarters at Abu Road, Rajasthan. Godlywood Studios creates television programs and films dedicated to spreading spiritual knowledge and Raja Yoga meditation.

The organization is spread over 138 countries with 8,500 centers. Following BK. Ramesh Shah’s vision to create a world-class studio with all functional infrastructure facilities under one roof, the implementation of this project was handed over to Shri. Haridas Bhanushali (BK Harilal). Under the leadership and guidance of BK Harilal, the team executed this project in a span of one year.

Godlywood Studios enlisted a technical committee comprised of BK Shiva, Shashi Mekal and Gerard Goveia of Broadcast Media Equipments Pvt Ltd (BMEPL) along with Ashish Barje, sales manager, Recording & Broadcast, Harman Professional India. The team selected Harman’s Studer Vista 1 mixing console for the studio, marking the first installation of a Studer Vista 1 in India.

The system integration for the project was performed by TASS Services of Mumbai. AVF Distributors, the authorized dealer for Harman’s broadcast range, supplied the console to Godlywood.

“The Studer Vista 1 perfectly fit the bill given the specifications by BKWSO, as well as the budget for the studio’s setup,” says Gerard Goveia, director of TASS Services. “The Vista 1 sits at the heart of the studio, providing complete control and ease of operation to the technical users.”

Godlywood Studios deployed a full array of Harman technologies in the space, including three JBL 3730 ScreenArray cinema loudspeakers, one JBL 4642A subwoofer and eight JBL 8320 compact cinema surround loudspeakers. The system is powered with five Crown DSi 1000 and two DSi 4000 amplifiers.

Godlywood Studios also features an audio dubbing studio equipped with AKG C414 microphones and dbx processors, as well as an HD multicam shooting floor that has JBL LSR4326 studio monitors.

“The primary requirement was that of a compact solution without compromise on system performance, DSP capability or reliability. The Studer Vista 1 enables us to have the control surface, I/O system, DSP and power supplies all contained within one very small footprint console,” says Shashi Mekal, technical head of Godlywood Studios.

Mekal also cites the Vista 1’s user-friendly, easy-to-learn interface and functionality with its Vistonics user interface and 40 onscreen rotary knobs. Using Studer’s Virtual Surround Panning, the operator can take mono sources and create a realistic sound field for a film quickly and easily.

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