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Grace Design Announces m905 Analog Stereo Reference Monitor Controller, m905 IR Remote Option

Grace Design m905 Analog

Grace Design announces the m905 Analog, the latest addition to its lineup of world-class reference monitoring products. Based on the m905, the m905 Analog offers the same design and is configured for audio professionals who already have digital to analog converters, but still need reference quality analog monitor selection and control. Customers who wish to add the DAC section can upgrade to the digital version at any time.

The m905 Analog Monitor Controller retails for $2,495 and is shipping in early December 2014.

The m905 Analog is configured with a 2U mainframe Audio Control Unit (ACU) and a sleek desktop Remote Control Unit (RCU). All audio connections are made on the ACU, and all system control is from the RCU.

Analog inputs include two balanced via XLR, one unbalanced via RCA and one balanced CUE in via XLR. Outputs include three balanced speaker outputs via XLR, 2 subwoofer outputs via XLR, balanced CUE output via XLR.

The m905 Analog RCU is an combination of evolved ergonomics and refined industrial design. All system status is displayed clearly on the large, bright LCD operating screen, while all system control is done with hardware switches and a large level knob. All monitoring features—including volume, speaker selection, dim, mono, mute, L-R, solo, subwoofer mute/solo—are accessible from the RCU’s front panel. Level readout is accomplished with large bright characters in .5dB steps. A talkback feed is available with the built in microphone on the RCU or via a built in Grace Design mic preamp on the ACU.

Additionally, the RCU main operating screen has a full time SPL level meter, which is sourced from the built in microphone.

Grace Design m905 IR Remote Option

Grace Design also announces the m905 IR Remote Option, which is available on new or existing units (Digital and Analog). This feature allows wireless infrared remote control of a select set of monitoring controls via the Grace Design Remote, a standard Apple Remote, or with iOS and Android via the Logitec Harmony Remote.

This option sells for $150 on new units or $250 as an upgrade for an existing m905. The Grace Design Remote sells separately for $125.

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