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Grace Design m801

Grace Design has unveiled the m801 ($4,895) multichannel mic preamp, the successor to model 801 8-channel studio preamp. The m801 comprises a 2U, 19-inch rackmount 8-channel preamp and an external 1U, half-width linear power supply. It features eight balanced mic level inputs on female XLR connectors, eight balanced line-level outputs on male XLR connectors and an additional eight balanced line-level outputs on male XLR connectors.

Both sets of analog outputs (16 outputs) can be used at once. The m801’s signal path is fully balanced from start to finish, which improves its dynamic range by up to 3 dB over that of the model 801. With its increased output current capability, the m801 can drive audio lines that can reach upward of 1,500 feet without audio quality loss. Included on each preamp channel is a dedicated ribbon microphone switch, which shifts the preamplifier’s entire gain range up 10 dB while deactivating 48-volt phantom power and bypassing the coupling capacitors.

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