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Grace Design m802 System

Grace Design is now shipping the m802 8-channel remote-controlled mic preamp system, which is designed for audio professionals in the music recording, film scoring, live sound and fixed installation markets.

As the successor to Grace’s renowned model 801R system, the m802 represents a new standard in capabilities and performance for remote controlled mic preamps. The m802 preamp is comprised of two components: the 2U, 19-inch rackmount 8-channel preamp and an external 1U, half-rack linear power supply.

The m802 enclosure shares the same industrial design as the company’s m series monitoring systems. A fully configured m802 system can be comprised of eight units, which provides 64 channels of remote controlled mic preamplification. The optional m802RCU remote control unit can control up to 8 m802s at a distance of up to 1,500 feet. The m802 includes 8 balanced mic level inputs on female XLR connectors, eight balanced line level outputs on male XLR connectors and eight balanced line level outputs available on a 25 pin D-sub connector. Both sets of 8-channel analog outputs can be used simultaneously. The signal path of the m802 is fully balanced from start to finish which provides a dynamic range improvement of up to 3dB over that of the model 801R.

The m802 can optionally be fitted with 130V inputs on a per channel-pair basis to accommodate customers using DPA 130V microphones. MIDI control has been implemented which provides compatibility with Digidesign’s Pro Tools|HD® workstations and control surfaces as well as many other MIDI based hardware and software platforms. Grace also intends to offer an optional high performance, 8-channel, 24-bit, 192kHz ADC for the m802 in the future.

The m802 carries an SRP of $4,995 (U.S.) and the optional m802RCU remote has an SRP of $1,495 (U.S.).

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