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Great Divide Studios Installs ATC Monitors

Photo by Dave Marlow

During the summer of 2006, Great Divide Studios in Aspen, Colo. began its fourth incarnation in a completely new building created by designer Martin Pilchner of Pilchner Schoustal International. The control room centers on a Pro Tools HD Accel system with an ICON D-Control surface, and features five soffit-mounted Acoustic Transducer Company (ATC) 150ASL full-range loudspeakers and an ATC Sub1/15Pro subwoofer. Great Divide Studio’s 5.1 surround system has the 150ASLs on all five channels.

“I was quite unhappy with my last set of mid-fields,” owner Jamie Rosenberg says. “They were surgically accurate, but painful to listen to for any length of time. Unfortunately, it’s challenging to audition soffit-mounted speakers, but everything I heard from ATC at AES conventions suggested that they were the way to go. When I learned that George Massenburg and Doug Sax, two opposite ends of the spectrum, had outfitted their new rooms with ATCs, that clinched it.

“The ATCs combined with Pilchner’s acoustics are a magical combination,” Rosenburg continues. “You get exactly what you hear. The ATCs are definitely precise and revealing—tools you need as an engineer. But at the same time, they’re a lot of fun to listen to, even after tracking or mixing for 12 hours a day, seven days a week.”

Great Divide also offers outboard equipment from Neve, Universal Audio, Chandler Limited, Great River Electronics, Grace Designs, Requisite Audio, Manley, Empirical Labs, Eventide and Lexicon. Its microphone cabinet includes Telefunken, Neumann, Sony, Brauner, Royer, Earthworks, AKG, Sennheiser and other brands.

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