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Grove Hill Audio Debuts LIVERPOOL Compressor

Grove Hill Audio in Seattle introduces the LIVERPOOL, an all-tube, feedback, variable Mu compressor ($1,495). The LIVERPOOL is based on an Altec 436 as modified by engineers at EMI for use on Beatles albums produced at Abbey Road Studios in London, with minor electronic changes and the addition of key performance features.

The Grove Hill PCB, which promises excellent transformer design and component layout, has been used to make a compressor that is said to improve upon the audio circuit with added features that make LIVERPOOL usable on many types of program sources from vocals, drums and bass to mastering.

The heart of LIVERPOOL is its gain reduction tube, a dual triode 6BC8 remote cut-off tube. The 6BC8 is re-biased by the 6AL5 vacuum tube rectified side-chain control voltage, which causes the 6BC8 tube to smoothly change its mutual conductance or amplification. The faithfully recreated solid-state power supply provides low noise and stability even at 30dB of gain reduction.

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