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Gussie Miller Completes New Solo Album

Pictured with an Avastor HDX-800 hard drive at the SSL 9000 J console in Westlake Recording Studio C are (from L-R): Gussie Miller, studio manager Sara Clark and assistant engineer Nick Braun. Photo by David Goggin.

Los Angeles–based singer/songwriter and producer Gussie Miller (pictured at left) has finished up his new album, Forever Plan, and is currently writing and producing new material for emerging artists Lance Todd and Lindsay Douglas.

Miller heads up Artis Musicai, a music production company that specializes in contemporary pop, jazz and R&B songwriting, artist development and production. He is most recently recognized for his work with bassist Marcus Miller on the music for Chris Rock’s Everybody Hates Chris TV series and Marcus Miller’s new CD/DVD release, Free. Gussie Miller is also a featured vocalist on Chris Rock’s movie I Think I Love My Wife and has worked with artists such as Gino Vanelli, Lavern Baker, Seal and Cher.

Miller recently switched to Avastor hard drives for all of his projects. “I switched to Avastor after a catastrophic hard drive crash that cost me $3,500 to re-record and restore material for my new album,” he explained. “I haven’t had a glitch since.

“The work that I do is very virtual-instrument related,” Miller says. “The speed and seek time of the HDX drives are killer, due to Avastor’s component choice for the bridgeboard and their 100-percent sustained throughput testing on every drive shipped. Additionally, the built-in fan adds to the professional quality and keeps everything cool.” Miller uses Spectrasonics software instruments in Apple Logic Pro 7 and needs consistently fast hard drives for his multiple projects.

“If I am working with a native application like Logic, it’s all about the track count and the speed. These drives load really quickly and the robustness of the construction is very apparent. I am now in the process of transferring my entire library to Avastor drives.”

Miller is also working with video assets that require speedy and dependable hard drives. “I am moving all my video files, too, over to Avastor. I’ve been working on a lot of projects with Final Cut Pro to prepare short videos for YouTube and MySpace.”

As Miller travels around Los Angeles and the country, he carries material stored on Avastor drives. “Engineer Dave Isaac does engineering and mixing on many of my projects,” he continues. “I met Dave while working with Marcus Miller and he loves those drives. That’s how I found out about Avastor.”

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