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GWAR Rock With E-V

Sounds of the Underground’s current tour, which is featuring opening act GWAR, is bringing out an Electro-Voice X-Line loudspeaker arrays.

“The X-Line is really proving itself on the outer limits of how loud a live show can be,” says Jeremy Smith, GWAR’s front-of-house engineer and a longtime user of E-V products. “To be distortion-free at these SPLs is not only remarkable, it’s a necessity for health reasons! The fact that we have tons of headroom to spare is a little scary! X-Line works powerfully and perfectly, night after night, and simply sounds amazing. Its reputation for unsurpassed ‘punchiness’ really makes it ideal for this tour: This is extreme, heavy music, and we have the system to accommodate it.

“And, of course, I’m using my tried-and-tested E-V mics for the GWAR show. I defy any other touring pro to put his mics through such a mess and still have them work perfectly. The same RE-1 handheld has held up for years now, and the heads just need a quick clean now and then to remove the gallons of fake blood and gore GWAR uses during the show. There are E-V mics everywhere onstage when I mix: Nothing I’ve tried sounds better, and they survive the rigors of the road. They keep on working, and that’s why I use them.”

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