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Harman HiQnet System Architect Version 1.2

Version 1.2 of HiQnet System Architect™ configuration and control software for HiQnet audio systems adds support for new products from JBL Professional, Crown International and dbx, as well as new functionality including Device folders for better workflow and Proxy Support, enabling enhanced remote connectivity and control.

HiQnet System Architect V. 1.2 includes support for the newly introduced dbx DriveRack 4820. From Crown International, HiQnet System Architect 1.2 supports its first USB-compatible devices: the CDi Series amplifiers for installed sound applications, the XTi Series of portable P.A. amplifiers and the DSi 1000, DSi 2000 and DSi 4000 cinema amplifiers, as well as the Ethernet-based and CobraNet-compatible Crown CTs 4200 USP/CN and CTs 8200 USP/CN multichannel amplifiers.

JBL Professional’s VerTec Series also gains support from HiQnet System Architect 1.2. Specifically, support for the powered JBL VerTec DP Series VT4881ADP-AN and VT4887ADP-AN, and CobraNet-compatible variants VT4882ADP-CN and VT4887ADP-CN are included in this release.

Device Folders enable the system design workspace to be organized hierarchically in a manner similar to a Windows directory structure. Devices can be easily added to and removed from Device Folders to assist with the organization of the venue into virtual zones, rackrooms or racks of devices, for example. Proxy Support enables a user to connect remotely to just one device within a system and from there be able to address the entire system.

System Architect has been written to make use of a plug-in architecture enabling drivers for new Harman Pro audio technologies to be developed and integrated in the future. The protocol’s adherence to the universal plug-and-play (UPnP™) standard enables connected HiQnet devices and control PCs to configure IP and HiQnet addresses automatically.

HiQnet System Architect version 1.2 is available for immediate, free download at For more new sound reinforcement products, visit