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Harman Pro Group HiQnet System Architect Configuration, Control Software

Following the January 2005 launch of Harman Pro Group’s HiQnet connectivity and control protocol for professional audio systems, the company introduced HiQnet System Architect configuration and control software for HiQnet audio systems. HiQnet System Architect is a Windows-based application that provides audio professionals with an intuitive, unified platform for system design and operation of all audio devices in the signal chain from microphone to speaker.

System Architect has been written on a plug-in architecture that enables drivers for new Harman Pro Group audio technologies to be developed and installed in the future. The protocol adheres to the Universal Plug-and-Play (UPnP) standard, enabling HiQnet devices and control PCs to automatically recognize and accept IP and HiQnet addresses.

HiQnet System Architect is available for download at For more new sound reinforcement products, visit