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HARMAN Professional HiQnet Audio Architect Configuration, Control Software

At InfoComm 2012, HARMAN Professional introduces HiQnet Audio Architect configuration and control software. HiQnet Audio Architect represents a comprehensive audio networking solution for professional fixed install applications, providing integrators with a unified platform for system design, programming and custom control.

HiQnet Audio Architect enables a greater level of integration for the end user by combining the functionality of predecessor software applications HiQnet System Architect and HiQnet London Architect. The new software platform will provide system-focused configuration of over 100 HiQnet products from AKG, BSS, Crown, dbx, JBL and Lexicon. It merges the open-architecture DSP backbone of the BSS Audio Soundweb London family with the comprehensive workflow and customizable control of HiQnet System Architect.

In adding the feature set of HiQnet London Architect to the HiQnet System Architect software platform to create HiQnet Audio Architect, the HiQnet team has included numerous user experience and workflow enhancements in order to provide the operator with as much depth and complexity as each system requires. It hides advanced features from a more novice user but does not inhibit the design of a large-scale system. The workflow paradigm introduced in System Architect 2 and more recently adopted by JBL Performance Manager guides the designer from start to finish, and displaying only the tools appropriate for each and every stage of the design.

HiQnet Motion Control is an Apple iOS app that enables customized control interfaces designed in Audio Architect to be imported on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices for mobile system control. Dedicated design templates are available within Audio Architect for the configuration of customized interfaces, which can be used to control devices from BSS, Crown, dbx and JBL. HARMAN states that HiQnet Motion Control will be available from the Apple App Store imminently and will also function with HiQnet System Architect prior to the availability of HiQnet Audio Architect.

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