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Harman’s AKG Introduces WMS4500 Wireless System Sets

Harman’s new AKG WMS4500 wireless system combines several frequency bands and operates up to 70 channels. During PLASA 2012 in London, AKG is introducing four performance-focused WMS4500 sets for worldwide use. Each set, along with its custom microphone selections, includes the SR4500 receiver, with an HT4500 handheld transmitter or PT4500 bodypack transmitter.

The SR4500 receiver’s internal software features AutoSetup for inter-modulation free channel selection, EnvironmentScan settings for radio frequency range scanning and a RehearsalMode selection, which can be used to save system data during the soundcheck. Important settings like squelch threshold, carrier frequency selection and the listed user name can be edited and stored with an easy-to-use menu. The receiver unit features an adjustable backlight setting, a factory reset and modified presets.

The PT4500 bodypack transmitter has also been redesigned with enhanced durability that protects the system from years of rigorous stage use. The major electronic components are enclosed in a metal casing for protection. The PT4500 provides an adjustable input sensitivity and accepts both microphone and line-level input signals. A lockable TA-3F Mini-XLR socket easily connects the broad range AKG headsets, lavalieres, instrument microphones and instrument cables.

The HT4500 handheld transmitter allows interchangeable microphone modules to be removed and switched to meet any vocalist’s needs.

AKG WMS4500 wireless system is designed for theater or school performance, houses of worship, rental, touring and onstage use, during festivals or concerts or with broadcast applications.

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