Harrison Announces Mixbus and Mixbus32C DAW Software Version 3.4

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Harrison announces the release of Version 3.4 of its Mixbus and Mixbus32C DAW software, and a new Mixbus XT-TG Tom-Tom Gate plug-in, both of which will be available during summer NAMM at the end of June. As with all previous V. 3 updates, V. 3.4 is free to existing users of Mixbus and Mixbus32C. Users will receive an email  from Harrison with the update links.

V. 3.4 adds a Polarity Maximizer, which automatically calculates the best polarity settings for each individual channel strip of a multi-mic recording, such as a drum kit or large orchestra, to maximize the overall SPL output without adversely affecting stere imaging.   

Two new bundled x42 utility plug-ins, stereo-route and MIDI-map, are also included in V. 3.4, along with Track Rec-Safe mode, which prevents a track from entering record mode. This update also adds many improvements to existing features, additional user requests, and a number of important bug fixes.

In the new XT-TG (Tom-Tom Gate) plug-in, the user can click a button to train the XT-TG to recognize the tom-tom's sonic character, and the character of the "spill" from other drums, when the tom-tom isn't being played. This helps the plug-in separate the tom-tom hits from the other drum hits nearby. The XT-TG recognizes the drum "strike," so it doesn't trigger if the drum is only sympathetically resonating with other drums. For especially demanding material, the XT-TG can write its own on/off triggering state to an automation lane, where the user can visually verify and tweak the triggering of the gate.

For more information, visit harrisonconsoles.com/site/mixbus32c.html and harrisonconsoles.com/site/mixbus.html.

Watch the video "Harrison Mixbus: Polarity Maximizer" from Harrison Consoles' YouTube channel.