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Hercules Drops Price for 16/12FW

Hercules (NAMM booth #6809) is dropping the suggested retail price of its Hercules 16/12FW from $499.99 to $299.99. The Hercules 16/12FW is a multitrack audio recording and playback rack system with 16 input and 12 output channels, all featuring high-resolution audio (24-bit/96 KHz).

Easily transportable, the Hercules 16/12FW connects to the PC or Mac’s FireWire port and includes the Cubase LE and Ableton Live SE (Mac/PC). The Hercules 16/12FW’s drivers are updated regularly and can be downloaded from the Website.

These drivers enable performing functions such as the “Rewire” panel (PatchBay/Router panel), which allows users to redirect any hardware stereo input to any hardware stereo output, with zero latency. This function allows for the connection of external effects racks (for post effects, for example) so that the user can enter a signal with no effect, output it and modulate it in one rack, monitor it, re-insert the result in the 16/12 FW, re-direct it on another rack and so on with no need to disconnect and reconnect anything. This function lets each member of a group hear him or herself without any latency, or it lets you keep all audio sources connected as you can get the source you want on the output you need at any moment.