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HHB (Booth #6776, Hall A) will unveil a new range of CD-R discs that reportedly offer a significantly higher level of performance and reliability in audio recording applications than the current proliferation of high-speed CD-R media.

HHB’s new CD-R discs are optimized for low speed 1X-12X writers, delivering consistently low block error rates and low jitter in audio recording applications, while also improving economy by reducing the operating stress on the lower-powered lasers used by audio CD recorders. This optimization results in the total integrity of the recorded data, making it absolutely essential for anyone involved in audio CD recording or duplicating.

Using an improved version of HHB’s original specially formulated Phthalocyanine dyes, and with a secure archival life in excess of 200 years, the range comprises both 74- and 80-minute versions in inkjet and thermal printable variations. Both jewel-cased and bulk packed discs are available.

All discs are batch-tested during manufacturing, and checked for compatibility with a wide variety of recorders and players.

The new CD-R discs replace the existing 1X-24X discs in an HHB Professional Recording Media range that also includes CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RAM, MiniDisc, MO, DAT, ADAT and DTRS formats. The original HHB CDR74 Gold 1X-8X disc remains unchanged.

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