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HHB MDPBP battery pack and ACS110 microprocessor-controlled charger

HHB will show the MDPBP, its new rechargeable battery pack, and the ACS110, a microprocessor-controlled charger, at AES 2004, booth #1010.

The MDPBP is a robust NiMH battery pack that powers the Portadisc for approximately three-and-a-half hours. The MDPBP is both short-circuit and temperature-protected, with all internal metal contacts securely welded for long-term reliability.

The ACS110 is developed for use with the MDPBP battery pack. Additional ACS110 features include a Discharge function for effective management of the MDPBP pack, and comprehensive LED metering of the charging functions.

MSRPs: MDPBP, $138.40; and ACS110, $125.

For more information, visit www.hhb.co.uk. For more new product announcements, visit http://mixonline.com/products/new/.