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Hosa Technology Cue 5

Hosa Technology announces the Cue 5 ($899/pair) monitoring system designed specifically for the desktop recordist. The Cue 5 system features the company’s Binary Drive, which is designed to deliver a realistic soundstage free of artifacts and coloration with zero intermodulation distortion and a virtually non-existent noise floor.

The Cue 5 system accepts 24-bit/96kHz signals directly via optical or coaxial S/PDIF inputs. In addition, the Cue 5 system offers balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA analog inputs. Bundled control software for Macintosh and PC enables users to tailor the soundstage of the Cue 5 system for critical listening in a variety of environments.

Hosa Technology describes Binary Drive as an all-digital signal path featuring integrated Class-D amplification. This technology enables a digital source signal to remain entirely in the digital domain from the input until it reaches the transducers. It also eliminates the preamp D/A converter as well as the electronic frequency crossover found in most bi-amplified designs.

Binary Drive delivers 30 watts per channel to a pair of two-way studio monitors, each coupling a 5.25-inch LF transducer with a 1.5-inch silk-dome tweeter in a bass reflex enclosure featuring an oblong rear port. The rear port is said to reduce the turbulence and distortion commonly associated with poorly designed round ports. The system’s frequency response is 65 to 20k Hz.

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