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Housewives Benefit From Lectrosonics Super Mini

The Desperate Housewives cast at the Golden Globe Awards

Photo: WireImage

The women on Wisteria Lane are seemingly “desperate” for Lectrosonics’ SM wireless transmitter, as Agamemnon Adrianos, production sound mixer for the hit TV series Desperate Housewives, uses the unit for each of the show’s lead characters.

“I got very excited about it because of potential production applications due to the very small size” he says of the SM. “On a movie set or on location, speed is important…and anything to make our job go faster is key. At the same time, size is very important because of practicality. So when they finally offered me a unit for beta testing on the show, I told them that I can’t just show up with one of these things—the other actresses will all want one, too!”

Adrianos notes the challenges of working on the nighttime drama, which chronicles the daily lives of four beautiful, married 40-something women and a mysterious neighborhood secret. “Women’s wardrobes are becoming scantier than ever; thus, it’s always difficult hiding transmitters,” he says. “With the SM, once they are set up it’s very quick for us to get them on and off the actors as well as hide them in, ahem, places where they are not seen on camera. This product gives us a clear advantage in terms of invisibility.” The small size and light weight were important factors in one specific shoot. “In the last episode, there was a scene where the guys get into a fight in a rock quarry. Normally, larger transmitters would have a tendency to shift or come loose in an active scene like this. But with the SM, it was not a problem. We were under pretty difficult conditions; outside and a good distance away because of the wide shots, but they performed great!”

Adrianos also gave high marks to the compatibility modes offered in the SM. “The emulation factor—that the transmitter can work with any of the Lectrosonics receivers—makes it very versatile for people who have the different series. I have UCR205s and UCR195s, which are a little older, and I was able to dial the SM right in. It worked immediately with my receivers and sounded great.”

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