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Howieson Mixes, Records With Lectrosonics

In addition to using Lectrosonics’ TM400 wireless system for test and measurements, veteran sound engineer Jamie Howieson recently used it to record ambient sounds at a concert.

“I’m a big fan of the TM400,” says Howieson. “I never use a wire anymore when I take measurements. I have a wireless tablet PC running SIA’s Smaart that I use with my drive rig, so I just walk right into the zone with a Neutrik 3382 mic clipped to my shoulder and feeding the transmitter—it’s amazing. I can check my measurements and listen to the sound exactly as a paying customer would. You can’t do that when you’re running a cable back to the test station because, under those conditions, you end up being far more dependent upon the measurements alone. The only reason I can do this is because I have complete trust in my TM400.”

Because of its Digital Hybrid Wireless technology that uses a proprietary algorithm to encode digital audio information into an analog format that can be transmitted over an analog FM wireless link, the TM400 offers much higher dynamic range than wireless systems with a compandor can offer. In addition to being more accurate, this increased dynamic range is precisely what prompted Howieson to consider using the unit as a recording tool.

The Dalai Lama’s public talk (on September 9 at Vancouver’s General Motors Place) focuses on the science of a compassionate life by preparing one to listen more deeply, to respect diversity and difference, and to be ready to receive insight. Sound reinforcement and recording for the event was handled by Vancouver-based Audio Image; front-of-house and recording engineer was Mark Lecorre.

“I’m planning on working with a pair of Neumann KMS184s placed in the house and two TM400s,” says Howieson a few weeks before the event. “The signal will be routed to a pair of preamps and then to Pro Tools. Mark will mix the audience response in with the dialog as appropriate. After the event, patrons will be able to buy a CD. We’re really looking forward to this. Compared to running thousands of feet of mic cable into the house positions, this arrangement with the TM400s will result in considerable time and labor cost advantages and an easier process by which we capture ambient sounds for this and future events.”

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