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Hugh Masekela Records Live at Bernie Grundman’s

From L to R: Bernie Grundman, Hugh Masekela and Stewart Levine

Photo: David Goggin

Hugh Masekela recorded his new album, Almost Like Being in Jazz, in the lounges of Bernie Grundman Mastering Studios. The live album, produced by Stewart Levine, was simultaneously recorded to 2-track analog tape and high-resolution 24-bit 96k digital, modeling the direct-to-disk recordings of the past. The new album marks the debut of Straight Ahead Records, a new label formed by Levine and Grundman, who have been working together since 1975.

“We started this record label,” explains Levine, “because we share a passion for the great sounding records of that Golden Age of Recording, the late 1950’s.” Grundman adds, “Our signal path uses a unique shared electronic circuitry that enables us to use multiple microphones, but with less overall electronics than with two. The signal goes direct to separate computers for high resolution and standard CD formats and to our analog tape machines for making vinyl. The recordings are truly for the discriminating audiophile.”

The album is available as a two-LP set mastered by Grundman on an all-tube cutting system and pressed on Classic Records 200g Super Vinyl Profile, as well as a Dual Disc containing CD quality audio on one side and high resolution 24-bit/96k audio on the flipside.

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