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IK Multimedia Updates SampleTank 3 CS

SampleTank 3 CS 'Custom Shop' for Mac/PC now offers all musicians and studios the full functionality of SampleTank 3 in an expandable and free virtual instrument.

IK Multimedia announces the latest version of SampleTank 3, the free version of SampleTank 3. SampleTank 3 CS is a stand-alone player and plug-in that can be expanded with IK’s Instrument Collections, which are available from the integrated Custom Shop. SampleTank 3 CS comes loaded with 30 free instruments, 1.8 GB of sounds, 81 MIDI patterns and two loop kits.

SampleTank 3 CS now includes unlimited editing and import features. Users can now edit factory and user instruments to meet the needs of every production. Although it was previously only available in the full version of SampleTank 3, now every user can edit any instrument down to the finest detail, for free.

SampleTank 3 CS now provides the ability to import and play instruments from legacy, 32-bit VIs such as SampleMoog, Sonik Synth 2 and SampleTron into SampleTank 3’s contemporary 64-bit architecture. Legacy libraries such as the Xpansion Tank series are also easily imported.

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