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ILIO Horizon Series in HALion, Kontakt Formats

Vienna’s Performance Tool Video Tutorial (pictured) is now available, as well as all13 Horizon Series products in HALion or Kontakt formats. All libraries including Vienna’s Performance Tool can now be used on the samplers EXS24 mk II, GigaStudio, HALion and Kontakt on both Mac OS and Windows platforms.

The Performance Tool for PC supports GigaStudio, HALion and Kontakt. The Performance Tool in Logic/EXS24 mk II is a plug-in and operates under Mac OS 9.2 and OS X 10.3. The stand-alone Performance Tool for Mac OS X 10.3 supports HALion and Kontakt.

All of the Horizon Series products include the Giga and EXS24 formatted presets on the install DVDs. When registering on the Vienna website users select the format of choice from all of the available formats. For using the libraries with HALion and Kontakt samplers, users log on to Vienna’s User Area to download the respective programs, which make use of the .WAV files from the EXS version on the DVDs.

Vienna’s Performance Tool Video Tutorial is also available. Hosted by Vienna Symphonic Library’s chief editing engineer Paul Steinbauer, this DVD contains hours of video to help users become Performance Tool experts. The tutorials show how to create slow and fast legatos, realistic portamentos and glissandos, quick spiccato passages, authentic repeated notes without the notorious “machine-gun effect” and much more. The movies deliver first-hand tips and expert knowledge to beginners and professional users. The DVD also contains additional footage of interviews with various musicians and engineers involved in the project.

As a Vienna holiday gift, registered users may download a series of sample sets at no charge through January 31, 2005. Click here for the list of sample sets.

In addition, users are invited to choose among three Horizon Series products, produce two demos using that product and compete to win a Complete Orchestral Package of the Pro Edition. The demos will be evaluated by a jury that includes Peter Frampton, Phil Keaggy, Pat Martino, David Was, Klaus Doldinger, Herb Tucmandl, Thomas Meitz (Creator of Vienna Concert Guitar) and Michael Hula (Creator of Overdrive, Artistic Director Vienna Symphonic Library). Closing date: January 31, 2004.

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