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Independent Studios Acquires Three Fairlights

From L to R: Independent Studios’ Randy Bobo, Steve Kultgen, Sheila Wordell and Peter Batchelder

Fairlight recently announced the sale of two DREAM Constellation-XT consoles to Independent Studios in Milwaukee.

“The bulk of our work is commercial broadcast and radio, so speed and efficiency are paramount to handling our busy workload,” says Randy Bobo, owner and co-founder of Independent Studios. “We used to have three dedicated audio suites, but we found we could do more on two Fairlight rooms than with three rooms on other systems. When we decided to upgrade for full HD surround sound capabilities the decision to move up to the Constellation-XT was simple.”

Independent Studios opened its doors in 1991 and consist of four video suites and two dedicated audio suites. Independent’s client roster includes agencies from Chicago to New York as well as several Milwaukee-based advertisers, agencies and producers. Independent Studios’ film credits include audio post for Ali Helim’s , winner of the Audience Award for Best Narrative at the 2005 Hamptons International Film Festival.

Independent Studios adds two three-bay Constellation-XT consoles as an upgrade from its existing two Fairlight Prodigy systems, powered by QDC engines. Both audio suites will be networked with Fairlight MediaLink, enabling Independent’s engineers to move projects from room to room without worrying about compatibility. Fully networked audio will include multiple access to the newAudioBase3 digital audio library, and their Constellation-XTs will have full control over the integrated Fairlight Pyxis systems providing the NLV picture sources.

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