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InnovaSon Explores Christopher Columbus Musical

Datemi Tre Caravelle, an extravagant musical inspired by the life of Genovese explorer and mariner Christopher Columbus, from Oscar-winning designer Gianni Quaranta, debuted in Italy where it is currently playing all major Italian cities before heading to New York and Broadway in October 2006. Italian rental company and theater specialists Fox Sound Service furnished all the audio and lighting equipment for the show, including an InnovaSon Sy48 compact digital console for monitoring requirements.

The show actually started with an analog console on monitors, but for a number of reasons, the decision was made to move over to digital. This is monitor engineer Stefano del Vecchio’s first time working with a digital console. “Whether I liked it or not, I was going to have to make the transition to digital sooner or later,” he says. “I’d reached the limits of the possibilities on the analog console I was using, yet I still needed more from the desk. Unless I went for an analog console that was physically bigger and therefore offered more capacity, the only option left was digital. The Sy48 enabled me to remain with the same physical footprint—in fact, it was even smaller—yet offered me everything I needed and more in terms of inputs and features. I just couldn’t argue with that!

“It’s simple and intuitive—I was up and running in no time, and the more I used it, the more I wanted to use it,” he continues. “I had a great time discovering all the new functions and putting them to use!” Del Vecchio particularly appreciated the assignable faders, the powerful input and output patch capabilities, and the OverRam function, which allows the user to copy parameter changes in RAM without having to modify all of the pages individually.

“I’d say that our move from analog to digital has been nothing but positive,” the engineer concludes. “My initial misgivings simply evaporated as soon as I started using the desk. The sensitivity of the EQs, the possibility of having all the parameters under control without menus or layers, and the sheer problem-solving abilities of the console made using the Sy48 one of the most exciting and innovative experiences in my 10 years as a sound engineer.”

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