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Internally Sound Brings JBL to Church-Goers

Milan, Tenn.–based Internally Sound has recently completed a number of house of worship installs using the JBL VRX portable line array system, including in the First Baptist Church in Jackson, Tenn. (pictured). “This is a very traditional-looking church, with a traditional organ, while incorporating more modern guitar and drum sounds,” says Phil Jenkins, co-founder of Internally Sound. “It was the perfect contrast of using the latest in audio to maintain the time-honored qualities of the church.”

Powered by Crown CTs Series amplifiers, the 800-seat First Baptist Church has been outfitted with a total of 11 JBL VRX932LA models. Hung from the ceiling, a cluster of four is directed toward the front of the church, with clusters of three on each side and one in the back. Additionally, JBL SRX712M portable P.A. speakers are used as stage monitors. “The VRX932LA is one of my favorite choir speakers because it’s precise, it has tremendous long-throw capabilities and helps keep sound reflections to a minimum,” Jenkins comments.

Another 800-seat house of worship, First Baptist Church of Milan, Tenn,, also boasts a JBL system. Five VRX932LA speakers are hung in a center cluster, with two more in the back of the main P.A. cluster facing the choir, along with one VRX918S subwoofer. “It’s probably 100 feet to the back seat, and the width of the church is 50 to 60 feet, but that one hang is working perfectly,” Jenkins says. “It’s hitting all the spots without spilling off the walls.”

The Crown CTs-powered system at the First Baptist Church also includes SRX712M models for monitors, along with a dbx DriveRack 260 EQ and loudspeaker control system. According to Jenkins, the system received high praise from the congregation. “We installed the system without telling anybody aside from the church leadership and still got comments from the congregation,” he reveals. “One gentleman with a hearing aid remarked on how much easier the sound was on his ears.”

Lastly, Woodland Church in Jackson, Tenn., is one of the latest houses of worship to feature a high-end VRX sound system. A smaller church (300 seats) with a traditional shape, the pre-existing loudspeakers were outdated and a significant upgrade was in order. Internally Sound arranged a hanging cluster of four VRX932LA models from the ceiling. Additionally, two JBL Control 25 speakers flank the choir section, while another two were built into a piano and organ rail. The system is also powered by Crown CTs amplifiers, and features a dbx DriveRack 260 EQ and loudspeaker control system.

“With the VRXs, once you add that fourth box to a cluster, the sound gets so rich,” Jenkins says. “I can take the dbx DriveRack 260 processor, start adding one box at a time and it gets so much richer. For a 150-foot-max throw, it’s a pretty amazing box. We sure get a lot out of them.”

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