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ISP Technologies GSL12 Speakers

The ISP Technologies GSL12 speakers are a three-way active speaker system with high output and low distortion. The system comprises two boxes that are stacked to form a 4-element line. The bottom box contains two vertically arrayed, high-performance 12-inch speakers and two amplifier modules that contain five channels of amplification and an optimized electronic crossover. The top box contains two more 12-inch speakers, a horn-loaded compression midrange and two high-frequency drivers.

The two boxes are interconnected by an 8-pole Speakon cable, and are sold in mirror-image pairs. The system can be expanded to four boxes per side by placing a right top upside down on a left top (and vice versa), thereby aligning the LF, MF and HF lines. The system has tight vertical dispersion.

Use of a horn-loaded MF compression driver results in top-quality midrange clarity and throw, while use of 1-inch HF compression drivers results in extended highs and wide horizontal dispersion. These compression drivers are of the very highest sensitivity (>110 dB @ 1W, 1m).

Standard with the system is a built-in 5-channel, 1,700W RMS (total) amplifier/electronic crossover that is specifically designed for use with the speaker. This amplifier features ISP’s patent-pending DCAT high-current amplification technology. A cooling fan automatically switches on when needed.

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