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iZotope Announces Licensee, Academic Program Participant

TechSmith Corp. has licensed iZotope’s VocalEnhance and AudioRestore DSP technologies for use in the latest version of Camtasia Studio, a solution for recording, editing and sharing video presentations on the Web, CD or portable media players.

iZotope’s VocalEnhance promises to improve the quality and intelligibility of voice-over recordings in Camtasia Studio by controlling sibilance, plosives and rumble, and creating a smooth, radio-announcer sound. Additionally, the AudioRestore suite removes unwanted noise from consumer-grade microphones and office environment sounds such as cooling fans and air conditioners.

iZotope also announces that the New England Institute of Art in Boston is participating in its academic purchase program. The New England Institute of Art has more than 500 students in Associate and Baccalaureate degree programs who study audio production. The program offers students and faculty special pricing on iZotope’s line of plug-in effects.

Included in iZotope’s academic purchase program are Ozone 3, Trash, Spectron, pHATmatik PRO, Radius for Logic and iDrum.

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