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James Gang Rides With Heil Sound

Joe Walsh has teamed up with the original members of the James Gang for their first U.S. tour, James Gang Rides Again, in more than 30 years. With Jimmy Fox on drums, Dale Peters on bass and Walsh on guitar, the James Gang kicked off their 17-date tour on August 10 after extensive rehearsing in Burbank, Calif.

“Heil Sound was our sound company when we first toured,” says Walsh. “Starting out as the opening act for The Who, we knew that Bob Heil was ‘the man’ when it came to mega-watt sound systems in those days. Over the years, Bob and I have become great ham radio buddies and have stayed in touch. I invited Bob to build me a better live sound microphone and when he developed his large-diaphragm dynamic microphone technology, I knew it had to be great. I’ve know about these microphones for a couple of years, and now the whole world is finding out just how wonderful they are.”

Veteran mixers Billy Triplett and Sandy Blythe scraped their entire mic locker in favor of the Heil PR Series. “From the moment we started rehearsing with the new Heil technology, there was tremendous deference in the overall sound quality,” says Triplett. “The PR 20s on vocals are amazing. The articulation and presence were the best I’ve experienced in live sound. I ended up swapping a popular condenser for the kick drum in favor of the Heil PR40. The PR 30 large-diaphragm dynamic overheads brought the cymbals to life and added a whole new dimension to the overall sound.”

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