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JazzMutant Dexter

JazzMutant’s Dexter ($TBA) is the latest addition to the company’s range of DAW control surfaces. Similar to JazzMutant’s Lemur controller, Dexter features JazzMutant’s patented Multi-touch Display Technology sensor, which lets the user perform simultaneous actions onscreen using only their fingertips. Its interface mimics your DAW’s mixer, and it also offers zoomable controllers, allowing the user to zoom in on faders as needed.

Individual tracks are color-coded; shades of blue differentiate active tracks from muted ones, while red or yellow backgrounds indicate record-enabled or soloed tracks. Dexter’s Channel Edit page offers a full overview of an individual track. Dexter’s “Overview widget” displays a miniaturized view of the entire mixer, showing up to 64 tracks at one time with levels and color-coded states. Swiping a finger across this view discloses the contents within each bank of tracks. Special navigation buttons allow you to rearrange channels as needed. A Group Edit button lets the user create groups of tracks and save up to eight groups containing any number of tracks.

Dexter’s zoomable EQ controller offers a dual operation mode, in which vertical axis movements can either control the gain or the slope of a particular band. A unified interface displays every insert effect and parameter at once. The upper tabs let you switch from one insert to another, while a drawbar at the bottom lets you navigate among plug-in parameters. Faders provide control over insert parameters and display all automation data from your DAW.

A surround panner provides live monitoring of up to eight channel positions in the surround field. Users can move sound sources with their fingertips and hide any tracks that they do not wish to manipulate. The Lock buttons on the sidebar let you preserve either the angle or the distance from the center of any track.

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