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JBL Celebrates 70 Years

At this year’s NAMM show, monitor developer JBL marks its 70th anniversary—definitely cause for celebration.

In its October issue, our sister publication Electronic Musician asked JBL’s director of technology, Mark Gander, to explain what he feels is the source of the company’s long-term success: “Making innovative loudspeaker products that fulfill specific customer needs: The standard set by James B. Lansing was to push the envelope, to create the highest-performing products that delivered the finest sonic performance,” Gander said.

“The transducer components, the ‘engines’ that drive the loudspeaker system, can be mated to different horn waveguides and other electroacoustic devices, and put into many different system configurations. The resulting systems can be specifically configured to provide the tools for each individual market customer type and application.”

Watch for our feature story on JBL’s technology and history in the March issue of Mix magazine.