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JH Audio Announces Freqphase Time|Phase Waveguide for JH16Pro, JH13Pro In-Ear Monitors

JH Audio announces the implementation of its new Freqphase Time|Phase Waveguide. By delivering all frequencies to the ear within .01 of a millisecond, JHAudio’s Freqphase is said to create the world’s first phase-coherent earphone. The new technology was first implemented into JH Audio’s JH16Pro and JH13Pro, premiere IEMs built for professional musicians and audiophiles that offer low distortion and greater accuracy than any competitive products.

The Freqphase Time|Phase waveguide produces a phase-coherent response which is especially important for sound that is panned and mixed between 10 and 2 o’clock. Sound comes through in-sync for a more realistic, true sound.

The JH16Pro Custom In-Ear Monitor is a three-way, eight driver IEM. It features dual high, dual-midrange and quad low-frequency drivers for greater accuracy and lower distortion. The JH13Pro Custom In-Ear Monitor is a three-way, six-driver IEM featuring dual high, midrange and low frequency drivers.

According to the company, both models offer a wide frequency response with virtually zero distortion. Each Custom IEM is handmade based upon individual ear impressions to create an earphone that perfectly fits the each listener.

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