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John Prine on Tour with EAW

Folk artist John Prine recently went back out on the road to support his new album, Fair & Square, the first studio album of new material in more than nine years. Joining him for the Fair & Square 2005 tour is veteran live sound mixer Dan Lance of Nomad Productions. Lance, whose mixing career began in 1982 with Showco, has worked with a wide variety of professional performers, including Barbara Mandrell, Lorrie Morgan and Steve Miller, among others. “I’ve been mixing for John for about three years now,” said Lance. “John is great guy to work with and a fantastic musician.”

For the tour, Nomad Productions provided four EAW KF730 small line array modules per side with one EAW SB730 subwoofer per side. The KF730 arrays are stacked on custom-made wheeled dollies for ease of transport. The custom dollies, which were designed and fabricated by Nomad monitor engineer Paul Franzen, makes the system easy to roll in and lift so setup can be completed with minimal help. “EAW is a great choice for this tour,” Lance said. “The KF730s are light, compact and covers the room better than anything of its size. I can roll them in and set them up myself if I have to. Thanks to the design of the product line, all of our EAW gear hooks up together very quickly, which means we can set up the system in 20 minutes.”

In theaters where the crew can fly the KF730s, the simple rigging hardware means that there are no additional riggers required—another cost-savings for the tour. Lance added, “The small but powerful line array also helps with truck pack and transportation and logistics costs. We’re doing the whole tour with one 18-foot truck.”

Eight EAW SM15 stage monitors, a Prine favorite, line the stage for Prine and bandmembers Jason Wilber (guitar, mandolin, harmonica) and Dave Jacques (standup and electric bass). Two EAW JF80 serve as front-fills. At FOH, Lance uses a Yamaha DM1000 console to mix the show. “With only nine inputs, this is a stripped-down show. Here is where my military training helps with panic situations. You’d think this show was easy to mix, but with a system like this, you can’t make a mistake. The clarity is so good!

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