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JT Studios Completes Major Expansion

JT, a former Neville Brothers Band keyboardist and a seasoned engineer, contracted with Elite Multimedia of Memphis to redesign his project studio. Auralex and RealTraps provided fabric panels, wood diffusers, stand-mounted traps and membrane absorbers. Auralex also provided CAD design services for the new control room and live room.

The Alan Wells Company was hired to build out the space, building custom laminate windows, doubling walls and custom framing sealed doors. Floated wood floors were installed in the 10x12x9-foot isolation booth, 17x14x12-foot control room and 20x35x18-foot live room.

In addition to overhaul and expansion, JT Studios acquired new equipment from ADC, ADK Pro Audio, API, Chandler, Focusrite, Neumann and Universal Audio. The studio chose Argosy Console studio furniture to house the new gear.

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