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Judson Baptist Church in Nashville Adopts Allen & Heath GLD-112 Mixer

Nathan McClendon, director of media at Judson Baptist Church, with the church’s Allen & Heath GLD-112

Judson Baptist Church in Nashville recently purchased an Allen & Heath GLD-112 mixer for use in its main sanctuary.

“When we wanted to update our console, we compared Allen & Heath’s model with a lot of other products,” says Nathan McClendon, the church’s director of media. “The others were nice, but they didn’t have the channel count we needed and they were out of our budget. The GLD-112 is by far the most cost efficient, simplest and capable way to go.”

McClendon also purchased an Allen & Heath Dante card to use for multitrack recordings. “It was one of the easiest multitrack recording systems to get into,” he says.

During the installation process McClendon replaced a traditional system, one that used a copper snake that ran from the stage to front-of-house, and then placed an AR2412 [the Main AudioRack for the GLD digital mixing system] and two AR84s [an Expander AudioRack for the GLD digital mixing system] right next to an existing XLR patchbay. “This one has been extremely easy to implement,” says McClendon. “We just patched everything from stage right and ran a simple Cat-5 cable into the GLD-112. Then the Dante card let us do multitrack recording straight out of the console into an iMac.”

In addition to weekly worship services, the church also plans on holding other events in its main sanctuary. McClendon wanted his volunteer sound team to be able to perform changes between scenes. “Having the need for more tools and the need for scene recall between the different services and events we are doing, it really put us over the edge to make us want to purchase a digital console from Allen & Heath,” he says. “With an analog console you have to change all the buttons and settings manually. In the digital world on our new GLD, you just have to push a couple of buttons and your console looks totally different and ready for the next scene.”

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