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Kaltman Creations Introduces IWxCPA Antenna

Kaltman Creations IWxCPA antenna

Kaltman Creations LLC in Atlanta introduces the IWxCPA antenna, sold in a 2-antenna package for $499 under the company’s Invisible Waves product banner. The new antenna promises to improve reception for wireless microphones and IEM systems.

The new IWxCPA antennas are passive with a 60-degree beam-width and the pattern is circular polarized in the 470 to 960MHz range. For use with in-ear-monitor transmitters, IWxCPA has a maximum input power rating of 3 watts. The antennas are 10x10x1.3 inches, weigh 2.5 pounds, can be mounted on a swivel-mic stand (an optional truss mount is available) and are painted in theater black with a 50-ohm low-loss BNC connection.

The IWxCPA antenna is unlike traditional paddle or rod antennas that are commonly used with wireless microphone receivers and pro audio antenna distribution systems. The IWxCPA incorporates directional “circular polarization” (CP) technology for both receiving and transmitting pro audio wireless applications. Kaltman Creations promises that this antenna will reduce interference, reduce dropouts, help eliminate “swishing” noise artifacts, improve RF signal to noise, and enhance reception of signals propagated through and around objects.

Traditional paddle and rod antennas used for wireless microphones are either horizontally or vertically polarized (usually vertically, as a mic is typically vertically oriented). When a microphone transmitting antenna changes its orientation in reference to the receiving antenna (as with wireless mics and belt pack transmitters) the phase relationship changes. Also, as a transmitter moves behind objects or the RF reflects off of surfaces, the phase orientation can change. This out of phase or non-polarized condition results in reduced signal level at the receiver and leaves the transmission susceptible to interference.

Kaltman Creations’ circular polarization diagram

The new IWxCPA antenna uses advanced circular polarization technology, which produces a “drop-out free” transmitter and receiver combination that is reportedly never out of phase. This technology, along with the antenna’s directional attributes, is designed to guarantee an RF signal link that is as reliable as possible.

According to Kaltman Creations LLC President Mark Kaltman, “The IWxCPA antenna strengthens one of the weaker links in the RF chain: the transmitter to receiver link. Interestingly, in the pro audio wireless world there is little consideration given to the profound effect polarization can have on the performance of our wireless gear. Just like in the audio world, where you always consider the weakest link in the audio chain, the same considerations should be given to your RF signal chain.”

The antenna design offers a low-visibility flat panel sign. Unlike paddle and helical antennas that point into the performance area, displaying their large sides to the audience, the theater-black IWxCPA panel faces the performance area leaving only a 1.3-inch edge that is visible to the audience.

Kaltman says one reason that CP antennas are not very common in the pro audio wireless related environment is due to their cost, and that many true CP antennas (not to be confused with cross-polarization antennas) can run close to $1,000 each and in some cases are large and fragile.

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