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Kel Audio Introduces Song Sparrow Microphone

Kel Audio announces the Song Sparrow (pictured), a new studio condenser microphone tailored for modern vocal recording.

Song Sparrow is built with the Kel philosophy of using simple designs coupled with high quality parts, in order to keep the mic affordable. The mic features a 1-inch side-terminated cardioid capsule with an open top-end response. The circuitry is designed to offer high headroom and good transient response for maximum vocal clarity and presence. The mic’s matte black finish is designed to minimize distractions in the studio or onstage.

The mic is well suited for pop music recording in general and female vocals in particular. The Song Sparrow is designed to put tracks at the front of the mix with clarity, focus and detail. Vowels take on a silky airy quality, consonants are articulate and clean without the harsh grit common in some vocal mics in this price range.

In addition to lead vocals, Song Sparrow is intended for capturing piano, drum overheads, sax, vocal groups and most stringed instruments, including recording “jangly” rhythm guitar tracks. Sonically, it complements the company’s HM-7U (FET-47 style) mic, which has a “chewy” midrange and tighter top-end.

Shipping is slated to begin in early April. Until then, customers can pre-order at Kel Audio’s Website and reserve the mic at a $50 discount, which will also be available through Kel dealers. Song Sparrow retails for $349, and includes a compact aluminum flight case and elastic shock-mount.

For more information, visit Kel Audio at or call 204/783-0215.