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Klark Teknik DN 9696

Klark Teknik’s DN 9696 is a high-resolution hard disk recorder aimed at the live performance environment. The DN9696 offers 96 tracks of 96kHz audio at 24-bit and nine hours internal recording time. It features mirrored drive capability, allowing simultaneous internal and external HD recording for real-time backup and redundancy, removing the need for time-consuming copying at the end of a concert.

It is packaged as a simple-to-use, stand-alone single-box solution. Other features include front panel and GUI operation, dual-redundant AES50 connections, full integration with Midas digital systems, stand-alone recording using Midas XL8 analog and digital I/O, and Broadcast WAV files, which can easily be imported into any DAW system.

At the heart of the DN9696 is a customised version of the SADiE MTR software and DSP core, with added features specifically for the live environment, including a front panel Solo/PFL headphone output for monitoring and simple transport controls for play/stop/record functions.

The DN9696 occupies 5U of rackspace, has very simple cable requirements and doesn’t require a dedicated recording technician. Klark Teknik recommends the use of SADiE workstations for studio mixdown but the DN9696 files are equally at home being mixed on other professional workstations.

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