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KMR Announces DAV’s Summing Mixer, BG4MKII Compressor

DAV Summing Mixer

London-based pro audio specialist KMR Audio, exclusive distributor of the DAV Electronics range (a manufacturer best known for products based on outboard units designed by Decca and used in Decca’s Broadhurst Gardens studio in West Hampstead), announces the DAV Summing Mixer (approximately $559, including VAT), a passive 32-input summing mixer with 32 inputs on 4x DB-25 connectors and stereo outputs on XLR.

DAV BG4MKII compressor/limiter

In addition, the Twickenham-based company has issued the BG4MKII (approximately $1,210, including VAT), a revised version of the famed Decca heritage BG4 single-rackspace limiter/compressor. KMR Audio states that the BG4MKII is the same as the BG4, but without the BG4’s switches and filters—which, according customer feedback, few people ever used.

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