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Korg Pa1X Version 2

Version 2 for Korg’s Pa1X Pro and Pa1X professional arranger keyboards offers more than 30 new features designed to enhance the instrument’s performance capabilities and is available as a free download from

In addition to the existing accompaniment tracks, each Style now allows you to record sequenced phrases and assign them to the four assignable Pads for on-demand playback. These Pad Sequences can play once or loop, and can follow the Style chord changes. Over 200 pre-programmed Pad Sequences are included with the upgrade.

Other new features include Auto Style Select and Auto Performance/Sound Select for single button selection of up to 20 Styles, 20 sounds and 20 performance settings on the fly; the Auto Talk Function automatically cancels all vocal effects assigned to the mic when both the sequencer and Style playback are stopped, allowing the performer to speak normally between songs; the ability to link Single Touch Settings (STS) and Variations together, so changing one changes the other; the Voice Processor can now use a different Chord recognition than the Style engine.

Enhancements include direct numeric selection of SongBook entries, Direct Style Writing to HD Banks; Track Activity display; and Pause control from the footswitch.

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