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KRK ERGO Room Audio Correction

New from KRK Systems, ERGO is a digital room analysis/correction system that can be used with recording monitors from any manufacturer. ERGO (Enhanced Room Geometry Optimization) technology improves the studio listening environment by correcting for “real world” acoustic problems. Retailing at $799, ERGO delivers sophisticated room correction at a fraction of the cost of traditional room treatments.

While performing its room analysis, ERGO connects to a PC via FireWire, but as all correction processing resides in ERGO, the unit can function as a stand-alone room correction/speaker control unit once the room analysis process is complete. The ERGO hardware has 1,000 precision filters to control, adapt and correct virtually any mixing space. By reducing room anomalies, system accuracy is increased, resulting in improved mixes that translate well to any listening environment.

ERGO integrates Lyngdorf Audio’s patented “Room Perfect” 3-D room analysis/correction algorithms. “Lyngdorf is the world leader in room correction technology,” says KRK’s VP of Technology and Business Development Tony Rodrigues. “ERGO melds this technology into a real-world form factor with controls that are relevant to any recording or audio processing environment.”

Beyond its room correction functions, ERGO also acts as a speaker switcher/master volume control, creating a seamless full-range monitors-plus-sub system with subwoofer integration that’s ideal for the console-less DAW production facility. ERGO also includes 4-in/6-out FireWire audio interfacing to PC or Mac hardware/software, with high-quality audio via its use of 120dB SNR D/A converters. KRK further incorporates FireWire and S/PDIF input for digital connections to Pro Tools and other DAWs. A high quality analog volume control and headphone out are also standard.

ERGO is slated to ship in April. For more information, visit