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KRK Updates ERGO System Software, Firmware

A new software and firmware update is now available for KRK’s ERGO Room Correction System. ERGO is an audio recording interface and room correction system designed to measure and analyze phase and frequency problems within a listening environment.

To correct room issues, the internal digital signal processor analyzes and corrects room problems to improve the response at the listening position. This latest version includes support for Apple Mac OS X Lion 10.7.3 and Microsoft Windows 7 SPI (32-bit/64-bit), and also improves the capabilities of ERGO, such as installation, calibration and configuration.

As part of the update, calibration data can now be stored and recalled, which enables engineers to have multiple settings in one room or to store a set of calibrations for various rooms. With the new version, users can now also route audio for the ¼-inch headphone output independently from the master outputs. This allows users to send a customized and dedicated monitoring feed to a musician or vocalist from any DAW application. Artists can create dedicated cue feeds in their production environments. Additionally, the ERGO Cal and ERGO Control Panel user interfaces for the system have been upgraded to include all the new functionalities found in this update.

Users with the newest version of ERGO can use the system in two main configurations. In the first, they can use an audio interface to connect with hardware running either Mac or Windows, which allows full access to audio input and outputs for recording and monitoring, as well as room correction. The system can also be used as a stand-alone room correction device, sitting in-line with a monitoring signal path. Under this setup, users would need to connect to a computer only for the room calibration process.

For room correction, ERGO uses the RoomPerfect algorithm, licensed from Danish company Lyngdorf Audio. This technology uses highly complex test tones, multiple measurements and more than 1,000 EQ points to control an audio environment. The system can derive data on room modes, power response, directivity and LF roll-off.

Licensed exclusively to KRK, ERGO works with all brands of studio monitors. The room correction software comes complete with an ERGO Calibration microphone, FireWire cable, power supply, Quick Start Guide and hybrid installer CD.

Visit KRK’s Website for the ERGO firmware download.