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KRK VXT Series Protection Grilles

KRK Systems has released rugged protection grilles for VXT4 ($39.99) and VXT6 ($64.99) reference monitors, which are sold in pairs. The grilles are designed to protect KRK Systems’ VXT Series monitor woofers and tweeters while preserving the monitors’ sonic performance. This is achieved through the use of rubber gaskets and mounting spacers, which eliminate vibration transfers.

“We listened to the feedback of our customers in the mobile and broadcast production industries; they loved the sonic performance of the VXTs, but they were concerned that the rigors of their professions would damage the sensitive components of the monitors,” explains Mike Newman, KRK’s director of product management. “Also, project studio owners with pets or small children will benefit from using these attractive grilles. Our engineers designed these grilles to be rugged enough to protect the woofers and tweeters, while taking measures to maintain optimum sonic accuracy.”

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