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KV2 Audio EX6, VHD 2.0, EX2.5 mkII

EX6 speaker system

The new EX6 from KV2 Audio is a high-quality compact speaker system producing a two-way, full-range solution for discreet installations or audio/visual presentations. Its components include the KV2 1-inch NVPD compression driver, trans-coil 6-inch woofer and onboard control with electronic crossovers, phase alignment, equalization and speaker protection integrated into the EX6’s amplifier module.

The company also added to its VHD range with the VHD 1.0 down-fill enclosure, giving the user extended coverage from a flown VHD 2.0 system. Featuring the same 3-inch Nitride-Titanium diaphragm compression driver as the VHD 2.0 but on a wide-angle 110×40-degree horn, the VHD 1.0 down-fill enclosure also features a single 12-inch low-mid and single 8-inch midrange speaker taken from the VHD 2.0.

VHD 1.0 down-fill enclosure

Powered as a slave from the VHD 2.0 cabinet’s output or directly from the VHD 2000 amplifier, all EQ, set up and level are preset. Alternatively as a stand-alone box, up to three VHD 1.0s can be powered from a single VHD 2000 amplifier.

In other news, the new version of the EX2.5, the EX2.5 mkII, features a new speaker level output on an EP4 connector to drive an additional passive ES 2.6 subwoofer from its own internal amplifier. The ES 2.6 subwoofer is an 8-ohm version of the existing ES 2.5 subwoofer from the ES Series. The ES 2.5 (4 ohms) and ES 2.6 (8 ohms) are double-15-inch, high-output subwoofers. Reproducing low frequencies with very high transient content, they are geared for use in live applications or as part of a five-way ES Series system using VHD 1.21s.

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