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‘Langley’ Microphone Amplifier Upgrade for Amek, TAC Consoles

Audio Maintenance Limited has released a series of Langley Design Enhanced microphone amplifier upgrade kits for Amek and Total Audio Concepts (TAC) mixing consoles. These promise a significant sonic improvement over the now-obsolete SSM integrated circuits that were originally fitted. The amplifiers are designed by Graham Langley, cofounder and designer for Amek, TAC and Langley analog consoles.

The microphone amplifier is reminiscent of that used on the Amek Angela and Rembrandt consoles, which were critically acclaimed throughout the industry. Audio Maintenance Limited manufactures the products in the UK and provides spare parts, support and maintenance for Amek and TAC consoles. Upgrade kits for Amek Einstein, BC11, G2520 and APC consoles, as well as TAC Scorpion, Scorpion II, Matchless, SR9000 and Magnum consoles, are currently available from the Audio Maintenance online store. The company expects to release upgrade kits for the Amek Hendrix and Mozart MZ11 soon.

A Langley Design Enhanced line-input kit is also available for the TAC Scorpion and Scorpion II. This replaces the microphone amplifier with a “line-level only” amplifier for DAW applications. All kits are competitively priced and come complete with a fully tested amplifier board and any necessary additional components. Comprehensive fitting instructions can be downloaded from the Audio Maintenance Website.

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