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Larry Seyer Acoustic Drums Library

Larry Seyer Acoustic Drums, a new drum library compatible with Tascam GigaStudio 3 software sampler, is now shipping. The 24-bit sample library features drums collected and played by Pat Mastelotto, drummer for King Crimson, XTC, Mr. Mister and others. It features samples of 115 unique drum kits, with 12 variations of each one for a total of 1,380 drum kits. Many of the library’s features are made possible using GigaStudio 3’s GigaPulse convolution modeling, instrument stacking, multi-placement room reverb, microphone modeling and iMIDI performance rules.

“We began with great-sounding 24-bit stereo samples, played by drummer Pat Mastelotto of King Crimson, and then gave the user the ability to place those drum components into a room of their choice,” says Seyer. “Not only are the rooms user-selectable, but the position of the kit within the room is selectable, too! The user can also add vintage microphone modeling effects to the drum kits. This approach offers the user much more in the way of flexibility in creating new and custom drum kits. Some of the great-sounding drum rooms that we recorded to be part of this library [are] optimized for stereo, 5.1 and 7.1 surround placements.

“A unique feature of the drum library is our use of positional ‘zones,’ he continues. “The snares, toms and hats are not only sampled using multiple velocities, but are sampled across up to eight positions on the drumhead. These positional zones are mapped across a full octave on the keyboard for the snare for incredibly real-sounding drum parts. In other words, as you play from left to right on the piano keyboard, you are triggering the samples that were taken from up to eight different positions on the drum.”

A total of 1,444 MIDI files have also been created to accompany this library.

Larry Seyer Acoustic Drums is now available for purchase from Tascam GigaStudio dealers and online at An exclusive interview with Larry Seyer about the making of the library can be found on

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