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Law & Order Responds With Lectrosonics

Bill Daly

Engineer Bill Daly, a motion picture and television location sound mixer since 1968, reportedly uses Lectrosonics RF gear for his work on the popular TV show Law & Order and its spinoffs.

Daly has been with the show since it started and is now working on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, a companion to the NBC show that is now in its sixth season. At the heart of his rig is a full rack comprising eight Lectrosonics UDR200C dual-channel, half-rack, diversity UHF receivers.

“Everything in my world is done wirelessly—the boom operator, the cast members—and we move so quickly that we don’t have time to deal with cable.” Daly is also responsible for wireless headphone feeds to everyone on the set, including Lectrosonics IFBs to several key people.

With the production shot quickly in the streets of New York—up to ten script pages a day, compared to three pages on a feature film—the Lectrosonics gear has to be 100 percent reliable in an environment thick with background RF signals. “In New York, you’ve always got the potential of getting hits from competition in the area,” says Daly. “Having the ability to switch channels is great. Sure, everything works when you’re standing next to the receiver, but go 50 feet away and everything can change.”

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